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About account

Account gives you direct access to the Business Register Database, the Land Register Database, GISA and, if authorised, to the Central Register of Residents of the Republic of Austria.


Your advantages with account

  • Direct access to the databases of the Republic of Austria
  • Expert search with instant access to all available documents (PDF)
  • Monthly billing
  • One-off registration fee of EUR 25 (excl. VAT)
  • Perfect for regular searches or for experts who need these documents for their daily work

Overview of your searches

You can check your searches of the past 365 days in your account under the "Statistics" rider at any time and again view all documents you purchased in the last 14 days free of charge. Multiple filters make it easy to find them (date, document, source, etc.). 

Clearing office HF Data

Public access to the Business Register Database and the Land Register Database is provided on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ) via so-called clearing offices.
HF Data Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft a clearing office for the Federal Ministry of Justice:

HF Data - a subsidiary of the Compass Group

As the largest Austrian clearing office HF Data Datenverarbeitungsgesellschaft m.b.H provides access to the databases of the Republic of Austria including searches in the Business Register, the Land Register and the Trade Register GISA via For authorised persons access to the Central Register of Residents (CRR) is available as well.

Would you like to register for account?

Please send the completed registration form, which is available for download, to:

+43 1 981 16-800