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Retrieve an up-to-date Land Register excerpt or Purchase agreement

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Up-to-date Land Register excerpt € 14,90 | Purchase agreement € 10,90 | Other documents (e.g. Donation agreements, Pawn certificates, and more) € 10,90*

* Prices include statutory VAT of your location.

Online Land Register search

By using the online Land Register search you can easily and quickly get a Land Register excerpt of a property or plot of land. Other documents from the Land Register, such as purchase agreements, can also be retrieved online. You can easily access the selection of documents by entering the address.

What does the Land Register contain?

The Land Register is a public register of the Republic of Austria. All plots of land and the rights in rem to the same are registered in the Land Register (e.g. title, condominium ownership, liens, building rights, servitudes, easements). A Land Register entry is usually done by a notary. A Land Register excerpt consists of three parts: the A Sheet (Property Sheet), the B Sheet (Title Sheet) and the C Sheet (Charges Sheet including pre-emptive rights or liens of the banks, etc.).

HF DATA is a clearing office of the Republic of Austria and offers you an instant download of your online Land Register excerpt at You will receive the Land Register excerpt by accessing the Land Register Database of the Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ). A service provided by the Compass Group.