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Free of charge notification in the case of changes

Keep an eye on everything with free monitoring. Monitoring will start as soon as you acquire a Business Register document or a Land Register document.

If there is a change in the Business Register regarding this company (e.g. new annual financial statements are available) or a change in the Land Register regarding the relevant property, you will receive an email notification for your information.

Monitoring and thus email notification(s) will end after expiry of one (1) year. Monitoring will start again for one (1) year in the case of a new purchase (e.g. up-to-date Business Register excerpt, new annual financial statements, updated Land Register excerpt). The free service may be removed from your shopping basket at any time.

Advantages for you

  • Information on changes regarding the company you have retrieved
  • Information on changes regarding the plot of land or property you have retrieved
  • Monitoring will end automatically one (1) year after purchase
  • Free and non-binding

If you do not wish to use this service, you can stop the monitoring: simply click on "UNSUBSCRIBE NOW" in the notification email.

You may also remove this free service directly from your shopping basket when purchasing your document.

Always up to date, always informed ... simply easy.
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