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What does the Land Register contain?

Excerpt from the Land Register of the Republic of Austria

By using the online Land Register search you can easily and quickly get a Land Register excerpt which contains information on plots of land and properties including ownership structure and registered charges.

You will receive your Land Register excerpt from the main register instantly and always with up-to-date data.

Simply enter the address into the Land Register search and you will get to the desired Land Register excerpt. The documents will be instantly available for download:

  • excerpt from the Land Register
  • purchase agreements
  • other documents and deeds from the Business Register

The Land Register is a public register of the Republic of Austria. All plots of land and the rights in rem to the same are registered in the Land Register (e.g. title, condominium ownership, liens, building rights, servitudes, easements). A Land Register entry is usually done by a notary. A Land Register excerpt consists of three parts: the A Sheet (Property Sheet), the B Sheet (Title Sheet) and the C Sheet (Charges Sheet including pre-emptive rights or liens of the banks, etc.). If there are no charges, the C Sheet is empty.

Retrieve Land Register excerpt online

Structure of an excerpt from the Land Register

Cadastral area (Land Register)
Folio number
Court having jurisdiction
Page number

Special copy
Retrieval date

Most recent journal number [Tagebuchzahl/TZ]
Preliminary Plombe [indication of pending application] / Plombe (journal number of pending applications)
Information on condominium ownership, public property, building right, etc.

A1 Sheet
Plot number, boundary cadaster, size and address of the plots of land belonging to the property.

A2 Sheet
Modifications of the Land Register unit, public-law obligations, rights in rem (which are connected to the property)

B Sheet
Co-ownership shares, their owner incl. date of birth, address and legal facts

C Sheet
Charges (liens, servitudes, easements, etc.) including legally relevant facts. If there are no charges, the sheet will be empty.

Information on the issuing authority, lines subject to a charge and search fee, information on exemption from fees or ex officio issue, security code

For more information on the Land Register

visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ):

+43 1 981 16-800