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What is the Business Register Database?

In the Business Register Database you can carry out online searches regarding Austrian businesses. The Business Register is the official database of the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Anyone can carry out a search in the Business Register Database. The Business Register serves the purpose of recording and disclosing facts which must be registered according to business law regulations. A Business Register excerpt contains up-to-date information about the registered office, managing director(s), the capital of a business, power of Prokura, shareholder(s)/partner(s), transformation, merger, spin-off, articles of association and much more.

The Business Register contains authentic data. The Republic of Austria, specifically the Commercial Court concerned with which the registration was made, is liable for accuracy of the entries. The applicant is liable for incorrect applications or failure to file applications.

The entry is made at 0:00 hours on the day following the decision of the Commercial Court for the legal entity. That means that the database is updated daily.

The Business Register Database has applied

from 1991: for sole proprietors/traders, commercial partnerships, professional partnerships
since 1993: for limited liability companies, stock corporations, cooperative societies, mutual insurance societies, savings banks, private foundations

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