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What is the Business Register excerpt?

The Business Register is a public register. It contains the most important legally relevant facts and legal relationships of businesses and other institutions that are subject to Austrian business law.

The following facts are stated in the Business Register excerpt:

  • Business Register number (FN)
  • name
  • legal form
  • registered office and the registered office of branches and the business address which is relevant to service of process
  • short description of the line of business
  • date of execution of the articles of association or partnership agreement
  • the name and date of birth of the sole proprietor/trader, authorised representatives, authorised officers and liquidators; in the case of  general partnerships, limited partnerships and professional partnerships the name and date of birth of personally liable partners who are not authorised to represent the partnership and of the limited partners (amount of the capital subscribed for) are registered; in the case of limited liability companies and stock corporations the name and date of birth of members of the supervisory board are registered
  • name and date of birth of the shareholders of a limited liability company plus the capital subscribed for and the amounts paid up
  • registered capital
  • certain other legal relationships, such as commencement of the company or partnership, institution of insolvency proceedings, etc.

Example of a Business Register excerpt (in German)

Example of a historical Business Register excerpt(in German)

For more information on the Business Register search visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice.

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