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What is a Superädifikat?

A Superädifikat is a building or structure that is not supposed to remain on the plot of land permanently. It is established by the builder and the owner agreeing that the owner of the land will not acquire title to the structure to be erected.
This means that the owner of the erected building is a person other than the land owner.
Normally, a Superädifikat is limited to a term of 70 to 100 years.

(Contrary to a building right) a Superädifikat is no separate part of a Land Register folio. A Superädifikat can be seen from the document register.

Someone builds a bathing hut on a lakeside property. However, the plot is owned by the municipality.
This constitutes an exemption from the principle that the land owner holds title to everything that is built on the plot of land.
In this exceptional case title to the plot and title to the building are held by two different persons.

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