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How is the value added tax calculated?

Value added tax is calculated depending on your location. The location is identified using your IP address. 

If your location differs from the desired billing country, you may change the location when entering your billing data.

Please note that we cannot subsequently change the value added tax rate for invoices that have been issued already!

For example, a situation might occur where the registered office of your business is in Austria but because of the network configurations in your business it is connected to the internet via a foreign establishment, e.g. in Germany. In that case the value added tax rate would not be 20% for Austria anymore but 19% for Germany because your IP address is a German one.

Since 2015 the EU VAT one-stop shop (OSS formerly MOSS) scheme provides that value added tax of the purchaser's home country must be calculated and printed on the invoice.

For more information on the EU VAT one-stop shop (OSS) go to the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

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