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What is the Land Register Database?

You may carry out online searches of the Land Register (kept by the District Courts) and of the cadastre (plans, kept by the surveying offices) in the Land Register Database. The Land Register Database links the data of both sectors.

The Land Register Database is an Austria-wide central register set up by the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying and kept by the District Courts and the surveying offices.

The Land Register is a public register, where all plots of land and rights in rem to the same are registered (title, condominium ownership, liens, building rights, easements, servitudes, land charges, etc.).

The boundary cadastre is a public institution kept by the surveying offices that serves as binding evidence of the plots' boundaries and the purpose of disclosing certain factual conditions of the plots (e.g. situation, size and type of use).

For more information on the Land Register Database visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Justice.

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