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What is the Trade Information System GISA?

The "Trade Information System Austria" (GISA) was launched on 30 March 2015. In addition to standardised keeping of data this new Austria-wide central trade register has created standardised trade processes that may be kept online throughout Austria.

As a matter of principle, all commercial activities that are not prohibited by law are entered into the Austrian Business Licence Information System, provided that they are subject to applicability of the Austrian Trade Code [Gewerbeordnung] 1994, the Austrian Goods Transportation Act [Güterbeförderungsgesetz] 1995 or the Austrian Act on Charter Transportation [Gelegenheitsverkehrsgesetz].

Contrary to entries in the Business Register it is neither important whether the trader has a certain economic significance (e.g. size or structure of the business or tax payments) nor do entries in the Central Trade Register have a constitutive effect.

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