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What documents can I buy in the shop?

Via the Business Register search you can purchase Business Register excerpts and up-to-date annual financial statements which are available electronically. Business Register excerpts contain the electronic signature of the justice system; annual financial statements do not. Besides that, other documents from the Business Register (e.g. articles of association or partnership agreements) are offered.
Business Register excerpts are also available in English with only the headings being translated. You can choose the language version of the website in the menu on the top right.

Via the Land Register search you can purchase an up-to-date Land Register excerpt. It is always a complete excerpt including the A, B and C Sheets. Land Register excerpts contain the electronic signature of the justice system. Besides, other documents from the Land Register (e.g. purchase agreements) are available for purchase.
Land Register excerpts and other documents are available in German.

You can exclusively acquire documents from the Austrian registers. Foreign documents (e.g. excerpts from the German Commercial Register) are not available.

The documents are available electronically and will not be sent by post. At the end of the transaction you will receive an email containing the links to your excerpts and/or documents (PDF).

Via the Gisa search you will be directly forwarded to the Austrian Business Licence Information System. There you can retrieve a GISA excerpt free of charge.

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